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Military Collection

Donated by the family of Larry DuBois

Description: Collection of books about military operations and aircraft.




Donated by Bob Guilford

Description: Bronze Sundial. This was in Buxton Park in the early 1900s and was removed when it was broken.

Wonder Horse

Hobby Horse

Donated by Vicki Olson


Description: Wonder Horse was a child's rocker popular in the 1940s


Coloma Ladies Aid Quilt

Donated by Rodney & Janet Cambron


Quilt made by Coloma Ladies Aid Society in the home of Irma Cambron, Milo, Iowa. The quilt was made in the early 1950s.

Watercolor of the Hawthorne Bell

Hawthorn Bell

Freda Caviness Estate

Description: Watercolor of the Hawthorne School Bell by Joyce Dazey. The bell was restored in 1974. Hawthorne School is no longer standing. The museum also has two other paintings done by Freda and her collection of student photos for Emerson and Hawthorne Schools - 1956-1986.



Donated by Nikki Brown

Description: The book is about the history of the Crouse family and their Cafe

Hay Hook

Hay Hook

Donated by Richard Kunzman

Hay hook used to hoist hay into the hay mow from a wagon